2V 3000Ah OPZS Powersafe Batteries

2V 3000Ah OPZS Powersafe Batteries
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PowerSafe OPZS 2V Batteries

Have the advantage of an optimized plate design, which results in an increase in capacity with respect to the requirements of DIN recognized internationally.
Addition, tubular plate technology offers excellent cycling performance with a proven durability under stress of flotation, which provides a truly flexible solution.
The specification of the elements PowerSafe OPzS is ideal for a wide range of applications in the field of PV off grid, telecommunications, telephony, power generation and distribution, rail, airport signs and seaports, computer, lights emergency, automation and measurement systems.


Product No. B1032
Type: OPZS - 1500 cycles
Capacity AH 10H: 2240AH
Capacity AH 100H: 3000AH
Capacity AH 120H: 3049AH
Dimensions (LWH in mm): 399 x 214 x 813
Weight (kg): 161 kg

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