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Solar Power for Digital Coin Mining

Is your coin mining creating you a huge electricity bill?  Well why not get some solar equipment to lower your monthly bills instantly, and you can purchase it with some of your Bitcoins.  You will instantly be making huge savings on your monthly costs and quickly cover the cost of your solar equipment.  Plus as we accept Bitcoins you can just get the equipment from coins you've already mined!

The carbon foot print of mining is vast with around 600Mw of power (enough to power all the houses in Reading) being constantly consumed by bitcoin mining.  Each bitcoin causes approx 2,720Kg of carbon into the air, around 9.8 million kg per day.  So help the environment as well as helping your electricity bill and start mining on solar.

There are 2 options to consider.  First and cheapest is to have an On Grid system, this will generate power during the day to power your miner and significantly lower your daily grid use.

The second option is a Hybrid system that has batteries as well. The solar charges up the batteries and then a hybrid inverter feeds the grid constantly from the batteries so you can have power generated by the sun 24/7.  This means your miner could entirely run off the solar, and having it as a hybrid system means that should there be no sun for a few days and the batteries are low then you will just use the grid and your miner will keep going uninterrupted.

We accept SolarCoin as a form of digital currency payment, please see here for information

Below are a few suggested kits that would be suitable for mining.  You can also explore our other products or customise any of the packages to suit your needs.


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