Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector - water heating 2m - PL20

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector - water heating 2m - PL20
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Flat Plate Thermal Water Heating Panel

Flat plate collectors are cheaper than evacuated tube collectors, and they also have the advantage that you can just pump water through them when you want hot water and let the system drain down when not more hot water is needed.  This is good for cold winters where the system could automatically drain down from the panel at night to prevent freezing and then just pump water through when needed to heat during the day.

Gross Area: 2.01 m2
Gross Length: 2005 mm
Gross Width: 1004 mm
Gross Height: 80 mm
Weight: 32 kG
Reference Area: 2.01 m2
Zero Loss Efficiency: 0.713
First-order coefficient: A1 3.89 W /(m2.K)
Second-order coefficient: A2 0.025 W / (m2.K)

The collectors are tested in Germany, manufactured in China.
They have 5 years warranty.