Fronius Wattpilot Home 11 J - Single and 3-phase- max 11kW EV Charger

Fronius Wattpilot Home 11 J - Single and 3-phase- max 11kW EV Charger
Brand: Fronius
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Maximum charging power:

1-phase 3.68kW

3-phase 11.00kW

Charging socket

Type-2 infrastructure socket with mechanical lock

EV Charging as economically as possible

Thanks to the Fronius Wattpilot, you can charge your car as cheaply as possible at all times.

1. Select a mode Eco or Next Trip?

Decide by simply pressing a button on the Wattpilot, or on the app from anywhere.

2. Select an electricity price threshold 

Set the price threshold for your electricity tariff at which the Fronius Wattpilot should seek out and charge with mains current.

3. Use PV surplus 

It doesn't get better than this: If available, the Fronius Wattpilot charges the electric car with self-generated solar power from your own roof.

4. Charge with the cheapest mains current 

The Fronius Wattpilot seeks out the cheapest available current for charging your electric car. If there is surplus PV energy from your own PV system, this energy will be used first, rather than mains current.

5. Enjoy the most economical travel at all times
With e-mobility that drives us all forward.

Important: To function reliably, the Fronius Wattpilot requires a stable internet connection via WLAN.


Cable Connection
Type and size See Manual
Size mm2 See Manual
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: 2 years (8 years extension after registration)
Warranty Docs: warranty conditions for products of the fronius solar energy business unit