1000W 24V EPever Pure Sine Wave Inverter - IPower Plus 1Kw

1000W 24V EPever Pure Sine Wave Inverter - IPower Plus 1Kw
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High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter - from the makers of our Epever MPPTs

High Frequency inverters are cheaper and lighter than larger low frequency inverters as they don't have heavy transformers.  If you want to run high loads for long periods of time you should use a low frequency inverter as it will last much longer.  If you only run high loads for short peiods then you will be ok with a High Frequency one.

IPower-Plus is a high-frequency pure sine wave inverter that can convert 12/24/48VDC to 220/230V AC and power the AC loads. It is designed according to the international standard with higher quality, reliability, and safety. Ipower-Plus is compatible with lithium-ion battery perfectly and suits any situation of DC to AC, such as RVs, boats, residentials, and places which require high quality electrical power.


Cable Connection
Type and size 63a mega fuse 300A Battery Isolator Switch - Blue Sea M Series with M10 bolts
Size mm2 16mm square cable with m6 lug terminations for inverter.
Manufacturer Warranty
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3 years batteries from the manufacturer's shipping date or 4000 cycles (whichever comes first)