Solis Data Logging Stick - WiFi Gen 3 - SEE NOTES BELOW ABOUT SUPPORT

Solis Data Logging Stick - WiFi Gen 3 - SEE NOTES BELOW ABOUT SUPPORT
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**Please note - we cannot offer support related to configuring this product with your home wireless network.**
**For any support requirements, please use the link below to submit a ticket with the Solis Service Centre**

The Solis WIFI stick is a very clever, simple, external plug-in device, which is fully universal across the range; the one product suits all the Solis inverter range. 

The installation is very straight forward and only requires the installer to have a smartphone/laptop to hand; the only customer requirement is a WIFI network within range of the inverter. The unit provides a simple to install monitoring solution for end customers with access to web, iPhone and Android app monitoring. 

** When physically connecting the stick to the inverter, please ensure correct alignment of the stick within the socket, and carefully tighten the threads to secure the stick in place. It is a snug fit, so if at first you don't succeed - keep trying! **

In addition to free access to the monitoring website there is also an installer level login so the installer can view all their Solis inverters installed in one place. 

This 3rd gen device incudes external LED's to confirm connection status as well as a reset button on the outside and the ability to conect to up to 10 slave units.

The unit provides a user friendly, easily accessible solution to inverter monitoring. 

Solis Data Logging Stick - WiFi Gen 3

Part No: S3-WIFI-ST 


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