Solar Carport Pergola for 12 panels 4 x 3 - 3Kw

Solar Carport Pergola for 12 panels 4 x 3 - 3Kw
Brand: IRFTS
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Solar Carport Pergola for 12 panels 4 x 3 - 3Kw

IRFTS Shadow Solar mounting frames are compatible with all types of 60 cells - 6" PV modules fitted in a landscape orientation, and can be used for ground or wall mounted installations. It is also compatible with optimisers and micro-inverters.

The well-designed configuration is a watertight solution that allows a high level of ventilation to maximise the efficiency of the PV installation and is the most solution currently available on the market.

Ideal for energy production and sun protection, the mounting structure has a range of applications for residential, commercial, public, agricultural and industrial building such as a carport, canopy, patio awning, lobby entrance, bike shelter etc.

The anthracite grey aluminium profile includes a rainwater harvesting network, under-panel protection and optional panel side flashing. The structure also allows modules to be fitted easily from underneath, reducing H&S risks with installation.

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Frequently asked questions...

    What size modules will fit?
        60 Cell modules within dimensions below
        Length 1635mm to 1676mm
        Width 986mm to 1001mm
        Depth 30mm to 46mm

    What is the roof pitch of the carport?
        Pitch is 5 degrees
        NOTE – Please check with the module manufacturers installation manual that your chosen panel can be installed at this inclination.

    How is it fixed to the ground?
        Each leg will need to be buried in to concrete footings to secure to the ground
        Please ensure you adhere to the manufacturers installation instructions

    Do you need to inform planning or building control?
        This can vary according to area so always check with the local departments to ensure compliance

    Are there any additional options?
        We sell additional flashing covers for the sides of the modules (not the carport) which are available at an extra cost

Download the datasheet from the IRFTS website for full product details.