335W SUNPOWER All Black Solar Panel - SPR-X21-335 BLK - Installed for only 1 week

335W SUNPOWER All Black Solar Panel - SPR-X21-335 BLK - Installed for only 1 week
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335W SUNPOWER Solar Panels Mono - All Black - 21% Efficiency

Bankrupt stock.These panels were mounted for 1 week but never connected. There are marks on the frames from where they were installed. Very limited number of panels available.

Unmatched Performance, Reliability & Aesthetics

Highest Efficiency
Generate more energy per square foot X-Series residential panels convert more sunlight to electricity by producing 38% more power per panel1 and 70% more energy per square foot over 25 years.

Highest Energy Production
Produce more energy per rated watt High year-one performance delivers 8–10% more energy per rated watt. This advantage increases over time, producing 21% more energy over the first 25 years to meet your needs.

More than 21% Efficiency
Ideal for roofs where space is at a premium or where future expansion might be needed.

Maximum Performance
Designed to deliver the most energy in demanding real-world conditions, in partial shade and hot rooftop temperatures.

Premium Aesthetics
SunPower® Signature™ Black X-Series panels blend harmoniously into your roof. The most elegant choice for your home.

Engineered for Peace of Mind
Designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free energy over a very long lifetime.

Designed for Durability
The SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation. Virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels. 

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Use with Tracer MPPT's - for a single panel on a 12V system you can use a 30A MPPT with this panel. 

This listing is for 1 panel, simply select how many you need in the quantity.  There is NO MINIMIUM Order.

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Solar Panel
Watts 335
Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp(V) 57.3
Maximum Power Current - Impp(A) 5.85
Open Circuit Voltage - Voc(V) 67.9
Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) 6.23
Panel Efficiency (%) 21.0%
Height (mm) 1558
Width (mm) 1046
Thickness (mm) 46
Weight (KG) 18.6
Cell Type Mono Sunpower