Sunsynk LifeLynk X - 3.6kW hybrid inverter, 3.6kWh LiFePO4 battery & 4.5kW MPPT

Sunsynk LifeLynk X - 3.6kW hybrid inverter, 3.6kWh LiFePO4 battery & 4.5kW MPPT
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All-in-one, plug-&-play and expandable.

"Simple but elegant"

A fully plug-and-play system that simplifies and speeds up the installation, allowing for more efficient planning and implementation on large volume rollouts in new house builds or retrofits.

The Lifelynk X houses a 3.6kW hybrid inverter, 3.6kWh LiFePO4 battery and a 4.5kW MPPT and allows for the parallel operation of up to 2 additional inverters and up to 2 additional Sunsynk batteries per inverter. (see manual)

Unlock the full potential with our dedicated Sunsynk Connect platform which enables full control, visibility, and access to the system, making site-specific customisation simple.

The Lifelynk comes complete with everything you need to install this cutting-edge storage solution. In-built connection points on the bottom of the Lifelynk give access to the Load, Grid, CT, and Wi-Fi Data logger ports, making it a true “plug and play” system, the simple wall mount bracket makes for easy installation. From the pre-set factory settings to the in-built connection ports, the Lifelynk has been designed with convenience and hassle-free installation in mind.

Voltage 51.2
Length (mm) 700.6
Width (mm) 543.6
Total Height (mm) 182.2
Weight (KG) 51.7
Cycles 6000 @ 80% DOD
Watt Hours 3600
Chemistry LFP
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: Inverters 5 years
61.4kWh HV Battery 10 years,
IP65 5.12 Battery 5 years
CATL 5.12 Battery 10 years
Warranty Docs: