Multicluster Box for 6 x Sunny Island & 55kW generator--loads MCBOX-6

Multicluster Box for 6 x Sunny Island & 55kW generator--loads MCBOX-6
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The power of the AC main distribution unit for Sunny Island systems has been increased by 20 %. This allows off-grid and hybrid systems in the power ranges of 20 to 300 kW to be implemented even more cost-effectively. The specific costs for the overall system are being reduced thanks to a maximum PV output of 360 kW and the flexible design capability of the Sunny Island 6.0H / 8.0H. Based on proven technology, 2 to 12 three-phase clusters, each consisting of 3 Sunny Island inverters, can be connected in parallel. To simplify installation, all Multicluster Boxes are completely wired and fitted at the factory and have a main connector for generators, the load distribution and PV or wind turbine systems. All data cables required for the installation are included in the delivery. With the Multicluster solution for Sunny Island, you really have thought of everything. Even complex energy supply solutions are easy to implement.


  • Three different power classes, from 20 kW to 300 kW
  • Different generators, PV and load magnitudes


  • Integrated AC distribution for Sunny Island, generator, PV
  • Integrated load-shedding contactor


  • Automatic bypass for the PV generator
  • Active Anti-Islanding
  • Reverse current monitoring


  • High protection class IP65 (MC-Box-6.3-11)
  • High protection class IP54 (MC-Box-12.3 / MC-Box-36.3-11)
  • 5-year SMA warranty
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