Flat Roof or Ground Mount Bucket - Renusol ConSole Plus CS+

Flat Roof or Ground Mount Bucket - Renusol ConSole Plus CS+
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The Renusol ConSole CS+ buckets are a ballasted solution for installing PV modules on flat roofs or the ground.

Please note, Max module width 1015 mm (generally solar panels under 400w)

The ConSole+ provides an angle of 15 degrees and can be fitted to flat roofs with a pitch of up to 5 degrees. Many commercially available framed PV modules fit on the ConSole. Please check the Console CS+manual for the panel dimensions and panel mounting hole centres and compare this to the solar panel data sheet.

The ConSole is weighed down with ballast. Any material can be used: gravel, paving slabs, bricks, rocks etc. The amount of ballast depends on the height and location of the building. Please see Page 5 of the installation manual "Preparing the Assembly - Point 2" in the table.

Mounting components are included for framed PV-modules. The modules attach to the mounts using the mounting holes on the back of the module. Please check the measurements below against your panel specification:

Max module length: 1550-2150 mm
Holes gap - width: 895-1014 mm
Holes gap - length: 690-1180 mm

Pack includes:
1 x ConSole+
2 x ConSole U-Profile 1035 mm
4 x Hexag screw DIN933-M6x20 A2-70
4 x Washer DIN9021-6,4-A2
4 x Self-locking hexag nut DIN985-M6-A2
4 x ConSole Clip
4 x Hexag screw DIN7504-ST5,5x25-A2-SW8