Pylon 12V 100Ah Heated LiFePO battery RT12100G31

Pylon 12V 100Ah Heated LiFePO battery RT12100G31
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Pylon 12V 100Ah Heated LiFePO battery RT12100G31

The Pylontech 12V Series are all-purpose lithium battery modules, With cutting edge LiFePO (Lithium iron Phosphate) cells, embedded BMS (Battery Management System) and mechanical design, the Pylontech RT12V Series product provides inherent safety, extremely high reliability and zero maintenance. Compared with the same capacity lead-acid based batteries, it has more than twice the usable capacity, more than 3 times the life cycle, but only about 40% of the weight. It is a perfect replacement to lead acid based batteries in applications such as marine, RV, golf carts and solar storage. RT12V Series products will bring you the perfect experience in different applications.

Although these batteries have the possibility to communicate over CANbus with various top brands, that communication is not required for the batteries to work - they are suitable as a direct lead-acid replacement, as long as your existing set-up can be adjusted to correct charging voltages etc.

These batteries can be connected in both series and parallel (4S an 4P respectively) to increase system voltage, total capacity, or both.

• A 12V System (1S) can be scaled up to 16 in parallel

• A 24V system (2S) up to 8 in parallel

• A 36V system (3S) up to 5 in parallel

• A 48V system (4S) up to 4 in parallel

*For systems of 1-8 batteries, the maximum continuous discharge is 1.0C, for system of 9 batteries or more, the maximum continuous discharge is 0.8C.

They are also internally heated to withstand colder temperatures.

For comms with Victron GX devices, the Type B cable is required.

The Pylontech Auto App is available for Android and iOS(new updste) and is required to program the Master Battery in any series and parallel configuration where the total system information is to be reported or exported to other devices.


Here is the link to register your batteries and receive extended warranty:

Voltage 12
Length (mm) 325
Width (mm) 174
Total Height (mm) 226
Weight (KG) 13
Cycles 6000 @ 95% DOD
Watt Hours 1200Wh total
Chemistry LFP
Charge rate (A) 20A typical, 100A max continuous
Discharge rate (A) 20A typical, 100A max continuous
Cable Connection
Type and size M8 bolt
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: 7 years (10 years when registered)
Warranty Docs: