12V Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic Windcharger 155W - Lead Acid only

12V Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic Windcharger 155W - Lead Acid only
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12V Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic Windcharger 155W - Lead Acid only

Rutland Windchargers are without doubt one of the most unique and versatile battery chargers in use throughout the world.
The Rutland FM910-4 combines our proven furling tail system and latest 3 phase generator technology with a new aerodynamically shaped body style. This combination of the established and the modern means that our customers can be sure of great power performance and reliability over many years service. Primarily designed for land based applications, the Rutland Furlmatic has been used worldwide to provide year round power generation.

Technical Features and Benefits

  •  Efficient power conversion

  • Rutland Windchargers generate greater ampere hours in real wind conditions than turbines of equal and often larger diameter! This is because our unique high inertia alternator designs maintain momentum between gusts unlike other designs that stall and have to rebuild up speed. This Rutland “flywheel” action results in more free power generated into your battery.

  • Rutland Windchargers are the lowest cost per watt of power generated owing to our many in-house manufacturing efficiencies and volume of production for our worldwide customers. 

  • More ampere hours are generated because of the Rutlands’ low wind speeds start up (of just 2.6 m/s) so power is being generated in the most typical wind speeds as well as being powerful in the strong winds.

  • Automatic ‘furling’ tail fin directs turbine out of wind above 16 m/s for gale protection.  

  • Our low friction 3 phase alternators give a smooth and silent output.

  • Computer designed efficient aerofoil blades. The fine profile blades have a positive one-way-only fit that have been tested to withstand a loading with a safety factor 10 times the turbine’s maximum rpm.

  • EEC directive 89/336/EEC compliance ensures no radiated interference.

  • Automatic thermostat protection in prolonged gales.

  • Modern, durable materials for excellent reliability and product longevity.


Cable Connection
Size mm2
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: parts and workmanship for 24 months
from the date of purchase
Warranty Docs: https://www.marlec.co.uk/product/rutland-914i/#Our-Guarantee