Europa Single String DC Switch Disconnector 16A 4 Pole Enclosed

Europa Single String DC Switch Disconnector 16A 4 Pole Enclosed
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LB Series DC Switch Disconnects comply with the latest specifications for modern low voltage devices. Outstanding electrical characteristics of LB Switches with compact design, contribute to space saving installation and operational convenience. Basic construction and design of the switch makes it compact, safe and highly reliable. The switch uses polyamide glass filled material, having excellent track resistance (CTI) for Insulation to prevent flashover even in the most severe conditions. The special contact design and configuration makes the switch highly reliable to withstand high short circuit currents.


  • Compact and reliable
  • Finger protection
  • Easy installation
  • Wiping contacts
  • Excellent switching and high short circuit capacity


  • Photovoltaic - Isolators
  • Isolator
  • Main Switch
  • Emergency ON/OFF
  • Inverter Applications
  • AC / DC Changeover in Solar Pumps

Enclosure Technical

  • Degree of Protection: IP66
  • Switch rear mounted for easy connection
  • Enclosure colour: Dark grey base and light grey cover.
  • Switch mounted in ABS enclosure.
  • Round padlocking device (Max.3 padlocks) to prevent the Switch from being made ON by unauthorised personnel
  • Interlock Feature (Cover opens only in OFF position)
  • 4 + 4 Knockouts so two strings can be wired (500V / String)
  • M12 Knockouts suitable for MC4 Connectors
  • Switch rated at 1500V

Comes with a really handy key for checking connections when the cover is off .


Knock outs are also screw in which is really easy