Solar ABS Mounting System for Caravans, Boats, Sheds 7 piece set

Solar ABS Mounting System for Caravans, Boats, Sheds 7 piece set
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Fixes without screwing holes in your roof!

Set of seven black solar panel mounting kit, including 6 brackets (4 courners and 2 sides) and cable gland.  They are ideal for fixing our solar panels to any vehicle, caravan, boat, barge or even outbuildings and sheds to provide a strong, secure and aesthetically pleasing fixing method, the mounts will support the solar panel at the correct height above the surface to enable the flow of air underneath the panel and keep it cool, ensuring the solar panel functions at it's optimum. The mounts can be safely bonded to the surface removing the need to drill holes.  The panel is secured by screwing or bolting it to the mounting corner, but the corner itself can be fixed with a good strong adhesive like 'Sikaflex' or 'CT1' or any polyurethane sealant to the roof. (Ensure the roof is clean and dry before attaching.   If a painted roof ensure the paint is not flakey)

ABS mounts raise the panel by 25mm.  Edge of panel to edge of ABS is 55mm.

We sell CT1 which is great for sticking these down, please see related products tab for different colours avaialble.

If you are fitting to a vehicle we recommend that you additionally bolt or screw the panel and mounting down as well, as the strength of these systems is only as strong as the roof type or paint on your roof!

Here is a good tutorial to get you started:

ABS Mounting tutorial