Aluminium BOAT Tilting Solar Panel Mounting Single Bracket - Budget Alternative see info

Aluminium BOAT Tilting Solar Panel Mounting Single Bracket - Budget Alternative see info
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Introducing our aluminium tilting brackets as a cheaper option to maximise the power from your solar panels. 

We've used marine grade aluminium (5083) to reduce costs yet retain strength, removed the chain whilst leaving the hole so the panel can be secured to the bracket & have used marine grade stainless steel hex bolts instead of anti tamper ones - all of this has enabled us to reduce the price to £48 a pair. 

We've also removed the slot so that although they still swivel they no longer tilt or fold flat to your roof however, this modification means that extra panels can be supported using just one additional upright, so a two panel bracket system can be yours from just £72 and further panels added & supported for from £24 per panel.  We supply an additional hex bolt to support the middle panels.

Although our other brackets are a superior, more secure solution these new brackets offer a cheaper solution to maximise your panels output throughout the year.

Listing is for 1 mounting bracket, you must order 2 for mounting one solar panel or 3 for mounting two panels etc - SEE BELOW:

PLEASE NOTE: The fixings included for this product assume you will be installing any multiple panels in ONE ROW. Eg. If ordering a pair of these brackets, you would receive 2 Aluminium brackets, 4 Bolts, TWO fixing spindles, TWO washers and TWO wing nuts. If ordering 3 Brackets (for 2 panels in a row) you would receive 7 bolts, if ordering 4 brackets - 10 bolts, if 5 Brackets (eg. 3 panels in a row) - 13 bolts etc.

However in each case you will by default still receive TWO fixing spindles, TWO washers and TWO wing nuts PER ORDER.

IF you require more as you will not be fixing in a single row, please use the ORDER NOTES field at checkout to request more

eg 'I have 4 panels in two separate pairs, therefore I need 6 brackets and parts to go with'


Longest face - 161mm at widest point. 85mm at it’s narrowest point (before curve). 257mm long