Electric Vehicle Charger 7kW Zappi V2 EV ECO Solar Charge Untethered For Type 1 and 2 - 32A

Electric Vehicle Charger 7kW Zappi V2 EV ECO Solar Charge Untethered For Type 1 and 2 - 32A
Brand: Myenergi
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The new V2 model is BS 7671 18th Edition ready and comes with integrated RCD and Earth fault detection. This eliminates the need to install an expensive Type B RCD or an earth electrode. 

Zappi works like any regular charging point but has special eco charging modes which will benefit homeowners with grid-tied microgeneration systems.

The ECO+ charging mode will automatically adjust the charging rate to only make use of surplus power that would otherwise be exported from the property - which means that charging your car is effectively completely free!

The ECO mode is similar, but allows you to specify a minimum that should be put into the car by a particular time, in order to minimise use of imported power but still ensure you have sufficient charge to use the car.

In FAST charge mode, zappi operates like any ordinary EV charging station.

Zappi is a Mode 3 charging station, compatible with all electric vehicles that comply with SAE J1772, EN62196 and EN61851 plug-in electric vehicle standards.

If installing under the OLEV scheme, the myenergi hub is also required.


  • Untethered option - socket compatible with Type 1 and 2 charging cables 
  • 3 charging modes: ECO, ECO+ & FAST
  • Optimises microgeneration self-consumption
  • Works with solar PV or wind turbine systems
  • Economy tariff sense input
  • Programmable timer function
  • Charge and event logging
  • Remote control and monitoring add-on option
  • Pin-code lock function
  • Tap operated display backlight
  • Built-in RCD protection
  • PEN Conductor and Earth fault detection
  • Integral cable holster
  • Supplied with clip-on grid current sensor
  • Weight = 6.1kg
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: 3 years
Warranty Docs: https://www.myenergi.com/terms-and-conditions/myenergi-product-warranty/