EPEVER WiFi Adapter 2.4G RJ45 D

EPEVER WiFi Adapter 2.4G RJ45 D
Brand: Epever
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**Solar Guardian Epever app is recommended for pairing with the Wifi Network.**

Through a local 2.4G WiFi network, the EPEVER WiFi 2.4G RJ45 D can transmit all operational data from the EPEVER solar controller, inverter, or inverter/charger to the EPEVER cloud server in real-time. Users can remotely monitor the connected devices and program parameters via the EPEVER server platform, mobile APP.

**If used with a UPower-HI inverter/charger, then a DB9 adapter is needed**

Works with:
Xtra series
Tracer-AN series
Triron series
IP-Plus, IPT series,HP-AL-S series


Manufacturer Warranty
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