VSR Bundle - 12V Split charge Voltage Sensing relay VSR 140A with cables

VSR Bundle - 12V Split charge Voltage Sensing relay VSR 140A with cables
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Ready assembled VSR bundle

Ready assembled bundle with a 6 + 1 metre pre-assembled heavy duty wiring harness with twin fuses. The bundle is manufactured using 2 x midi fuse holders & 16mm2 / #6 AWG heavy duty extra flexible battery cable.

Bi-Directional, zero loss Split Charging
Fully automatic operation
‘Connected’ LED indicator
Sealed for marine/under hood installation
Ignition Protected

Very simple to install, does not require a connection to vehicle alternator

Fully epoxy sealed unit for years of trouble free service

Only 3 Connections to make

Power in, Power out & negative...that's it!
The idea of a "voltage sensitive relay" (VSR) or "voltage controlled relay" (VCR) as they are sometimes known,  is to simplify the installation, no connection is made to the vehicles alternator .

Simply connect this relay to the towing vehicles positive battery terminal (via a fuse!) and link to the leisure battery
The relay monitors the towing vehicles battery voltage and when it reaches 13.3vdc, the relay switches on and supplies charging current to the aux. circuits.  When the engine is stopped and the voltage of the vehicles main battery drops below 12.8vdc the unit switches off.
Only 3 connections are required to the unit and as such it can be fitted in next to no time .
Supplied with detailed full colour  instructions.

Switch on voltage 13.7vdc

Switch off voltage 12.7vdc

Dimensions:-65 x 65 x 53mm

Relay connections:- 2 x 6mm studs for power in and out. 1 x 450mm cable for negative

Please Note: Do not use on Euro V/VI engines, or engines with smart alternators or regenerative brakes.  These newer systems do not give a constant voltage and are not suitable for this split charge relay, please use this instead Programmable relay